Letters in support of Laura Pitone

Thanks to all my supporters who submitted letters to the Somerville print and online papers.

More than 20 parents with students from nearly all of the Somerville Public Schools penned a joint letter of support, published in both the Somerville Patch "Widespread parent support for Laura Pitone on Nov. 5th" and the Somerville Journal.   Ward 5 parents send their children to all the schools in Somerville, not just the schools in the ward, and I will strive to represent all perspectives. 

Celia Taylor, a former Somerville Public School teacher and School Committee Member, shared her support in a letter published this week in the Somerville Journal "Give Pitone your vote for Somerville School Committee"

I was happy to read the letter of endorsement written by Paula Woolley and published prior to the September 24th preliminary election in the Somerville Journal, "Pitone for Somerville Ward 5 School Committee".  Paula is a parent of a Somerville High School graduate and a Brown School student. Paula is currently a member of the High School Improvement Council and is well respected for her school and city advocacy.

Mary Flemming, my neighbor and a lifelong Somerville resident, wrote a letter of support that was acknowledged, along with Celia Taylor's letter, in this week's edition of Newstalk in The Somerville Times (excerpt below.)

"We see that candidate for School Committee Member in Ward Five Laura J. Pitone has been working hard to fill the vacant seat. She has been knocking on doors and it looks like she is going to win this coming Tuesday. She has garnered many letters of endorsement, which normally we here at the Times wouldn’t print, but an endorsement from Mary Fleming on Highland Road is well noted. Mary is one of the nicest, sincerest people around. Despite her husband’s venture into politics, Mary has stayed away from it, except now she wrote a very nice letter in support of Laura and we just had to say something about it. Another lady we noticed who wrote a letter (there were many others) was Celia Taylor, former School Committee Member, a nice lady, and wife of retiring Tom Taylor. She recently retired from school work down at the Healey and wrote a very nice letter for Laura. Two ladies’ testimonials amongst the many letters of support of which we know she got from hard work and persistence. We think Laura will do an awesome job on the School Board. By the way, we like many others here in the city are big fans of Celia and Mary. If you don’t know them meet them and find out for yourself."




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